Why Helvetican

Choosing a partner is no easy decision. We know it.

Helvetican strives to be the best partner for its clients.

A Pure Player

Managing client assets is our core business, allowing for a client-centred approach .

A Conviction Driven Strategy

Helvetican is a strong believer in the advantages of active management. We aim to be recognised as a leading capacity in selecting excellent third-party solutions and develop long-lasting partnerships with them for the long-term benefit of our clients.

A Personal Story

Helvetican adopts long-term vision, driven by independence and transparency.

An Agile Organisation

Helvetican’s size and structure enables it to adapt its strategy to clients’ evolving needs within a very competitive framework and time-frame.

Investment Strategy

Selection of best-in-class non-correlating market investment strategies to protect and grow the wealth of our clients and generate significant performance.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Helvetican’s drive for innovation in combination with a leading university’ research and  network pervades it’s products and solutions development.

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